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Imperial Creative provides end-to-end picture services including :

- Workflow design and management

- On location dailies and edit prep

- Invisible VFX, Set Extensions, Beautywork

- Theatrical and broadcast final grading

- Dolby HDR mastering

- Deliverables and archiving

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Imperial Creative is pioneering a new process for combining virtual and live-action worlds during production.  We call it LiveFX.

Working with our software partner, Assimilate Inc, we have created a workflow where filmmakers can scout locations virtually, then work with those virtual assets at every stage of production, all in real-time, with photoreal results.

Interact with your CG during the shoot, edit, the VFX process, even in the DI suites.

The goal of LiveFX is to change how the industry approaches VFX.  LiveFX is always interactive, always real-time, so you can see what you are going to get, touch it, change it, and shape your VFX the same way you shape a performance, camera move, edit, or mix.

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The best colorists I have ever worked with.

- Bernard Rose - Director ( Candyman, Immortal Beloved )

They have never let me down and have always over-delivered.​

- Louise Runge - Post Producer ( Mr. Robot, The L Word, Captain Fantastic )

Imperial is where high art and science combine to create exquisite work.

- Lesley Chilcott - Producer / Director ( An Inconvenient Truth, Helter Skelter )

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